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Find The Best Quality Tanzanite Gemstones from 5.00 to 9.99 carats - Natural Tanzanite Gemstones The Finest Selection of Quality Tanzanite available today vast Tanzanite loose gemstone collection is unparalleled in scope. We carry the largest online inventory of Tanzanite gemstones. has more than 500 individual Tanzanite gems of all sizes, shapes, and qualities in stock and ready to ship. The smaller size ranges of 5.00 to 9.99 carats are quite common in Tanzanite. What is unusual in this size range are deep intense colors. Because of Tanzanites physical properties, the smaller size ranges tend to not hold color saturation. Most small size Tanzanite gemstones are pale in comparison to the larger sizes. Intense colors are more common in the larger sizes, mostly in the 5-carat size range and up. has a vast selection of Tanzanite gemstones in this size range of 5.00 to 9.99 carats with over 100 Tanzanite gemstones to choose from and ready to ship to you by FREE FedEx shipping. We do have an exceptional collection of small exceptionally fine colored Tanzanite gems in these sizes. Even in the smallest size ranges, exceptionally intense, vivid colors in Tanzanite command the same price per carat as large 10-carat size gemstones. Many of our Tanzanite gemstones are expertly cut here in the USA, which not only makes them much more brilliant but also much attractive when fashioned into jewelry. Tanzanite prices have increased substantially in the past five years. See a very special and unique handmade gemstone pendant featuring a fine Tanzanite gemstone.
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