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Magnificent Tanzanite Gemstone Matched Pairs now the finest selection of gem quality Tanzanite gemstones in matching pairs in larger sizes over 1 carat each. We are specializing in larger, more hard to find matching Tanzanite gemstone pairs. Just like our free sized Tanzanite Gemstones , these gem quality Tanzanite gemstone pairs are carefully selected for matching color, cut and size. This is very difficult to do in Tanzanite as it is a trichroic gemstone and must be perfectly oriented in the cutting process to get matched pairs that truly match. Especially hard to do in hard to find larger Tanzanite gems.
All of our certified Tanzanite gemstone pairs are professionally graded by a professional gemologist, certified and fully guaranteed. See our Industry Leading Certified Gemstone Buying Advantage Program .
If you don't see the perfect Tanzanite matching pair, contact us to see what else is available.

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