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Great Selection of Square Shape Step Cut Gemstones at AfricaGems – Best Standard Size Square Shape Loose Gems for SALE
Let’s discuss step cut faceting. First of all, to get a bit technical, while in general the term “cut” and “shape” are used interchangeably, when it comes to gemstones, “shape” refers to the overall outline of the gemstone, while “cut” refers to the style of faceting. So, for the collection of gemstones in this section, the shape is square and the cut is step cut. Step cut is a method if cutting gemstone in which flat, rows of facets arranged on top of one another, like steps, get it! Another way to explain it is that the facets on the bottom of the gemstone (or pavilion) are cut in steps that are parallel to the edges. While this method of cutting does not display as much sparkle and fire as brilliant cut, step cutting is ideal for showcasing a gemstone’s natural color. Not let’s discuss the square shape. The etymology of the word square comes from the Latin word “exquadra”. Symbolically, the square shape represents equality, fairness, order, justice, and truth.

Understanding Step Cut Gems
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