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Fun & Chic Orange Spessartite Garnet Gemstone Rings for SALE - Lovely Rings With Genuine Spessartite Garnet Gems Shop Beautiful Spessartite Garnet Gemstone Rings for Her – Amazing Spessartite Garnet Rings With Diamond Accents for SALE
Until as recently as the 1990s, the rare and unique Spessartite Garnet gemstone was only a collector’s gem. Subsequently, new sources of plentiful Spessartite Garnets were uncovered in Zambia, Nigeria, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar. Prior to the discovery of these new mines, Spessartite Garnets were mined exclusively in the United States, small quantities being found in Virginia and California. Now this naturally beautiful untreated gemstone has become part of the mainstream jewelry market. Fortunate are all gemstone and jewelry lovers that Spessartite Garnet has become more accessible, as now the beautiful tangy orange gemstone can be found in beautiful rings like the ones we offer here!

Fashion Rings With the Lovely Orange Colored Spessartite Garnet – Unique Ring Designs Featuring Spessartite Garnet
The color range of Spessartite garnet gemstones covers the gamut of orange hues. This warm gem can be found in bright orange, deep red oranges, pale yellowish orange, brownish orange and brownish red hues. The most desirable color of Spessartite Garnet, according to GIA, is called aurora red, which is a reddish orange color of medium to medium dark tone. This gemstone is perfect for year round, adding warmth in the fall and winter and a citrus burst of freshness in the summer and spring. Shop today for beautiful Spessartite garnet gemstone rings.

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