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Diamond Sapphire Rings

You’ll find many gemstone rings but the most beautiful by far are sapphire and diamond gemstone rings . In fact, many couples today buy sapphire and diamond gemstone rings, mainly blue sapphire and diamond rings for their engagement ring over conventional diamond rings. The reason is because the additional colors in a beautiful blue sapphire and diamond ring call more attention than just diamonds alone. Plus, many buyers find that sapphire and diamond rings can also be slightly less expensive than one filled entirely with diamonds. So for an eye-catching design that’s also more economical more couples today look for diamond sapphire rings.

Two Most Popular Diamond Sapphire Rings
Diamond sapphire rings can come in any kind of design but the two most popular are:

• diamond sapphire wedding bands and
• diamond sapphire anniversary bands.

These gemstone rings are usually created using white gold or a platinum finish but they can also be constructed in yellow gold. For people looking for extra flair they sometimes use both yellow gold and white gold. As for the sapphires you might find blue sapphires after each diamond. However, pink sapphires are also popular favorite in diamond sapphire rings. You’ll also discover that aside from coming in the ‘band’ variety you can also purchase diamond sapphire rings that are mounted. One of the more popular styles includes a diamond in the center with two sapphires on either side.

Tips for Setting Diamond Sapphire Rings
If you’re creating diamond sapphire rings ‘from scratch’ one of the things to consider is the look of the diamond. If it has more of a yellowish hue then a gold setting is usually best – that will make the diamond appear whiter. If the diamond is more brilliant then settings in platinum or white gold really sets off the color of all the gems in diamond sapphire rings. That means if you’re constructing any diamond sapphire rings look to the color of the diamond as the indicator on the best setting to use. So whether you ‘build your own’ rings, or buy diamond sapphire rings already constructed, just be sure to pay special attention to the sapphire gemstones themselves.