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Faceted Natural Gem Quality Ruby Gem Stones for SALE - Sizes 1.00 to 2.00 carat - Low Priced Rubies at AfricaGems. Heated Loose Rubies up to 2.00 carats - Genuine Faceted Ruby Gem Stones
AfricaGems has a nice selection of very fine loose ruby gemstones in the up to 2.00 carat sizes. We have Burma ruby, Thai ruby, Sri Lankan ruby and Madagascar and the now famous Mozambique ruby gems. Burma rubies are the "king" of rubies, and known for the bright vibrant red color "pigeons blood". Ruby gems from other sources can also be of high quality. AfricaGems has natural unheated ruby gemstones as well as natural heated gemstones. Any ruby you purchase from is accompanied by a professional gemological report. Your loose ruby gemstone purchase is also backed by the best guarantee in the gemstone industry.

The Most Beautiful Loose Small Sized Rubies for SALE Amazing Heated Ruby Gemstones
We carry an amazing selection of small sized rubies ranging in carats up to 2.00 carats. We also carry a wide variety of Ruby cuts including: Round Cut, Oval Cut, Emerald Cut, Pear Cut, Heart Cut, and Antique Cushion Cut. There is also a nice range of color hues within red ranging from a rich deep red to a pinkish purple color. With so many different small Rubies to choose from, there is no doubt that you can find the exact Ruby you are looking for.

Loose Rubies for Jewelry Create Your Dream Ruby Jewelry Loose Rubies for Jewelry Gifts
Are you looking for a loose Ruby? Perhaps you are looking for a center stone for a fancy ring, or a birthstone gem for a special pendant for a July or January birthstone. Whatever dream jewelry you are imagining can become reality with a splendid loose ruby. Loose ruby gemstone and Ruby gemstone jewelry is always an amazing gift whether or not it's a person's birthstone. Rubies are considered one of the three precious gemstones, along with sapphire and emeralds, and everyone appreciates the value and beauty of a genuine Ruby. AfricaGems is the best place to come for small sized loose Rubies. Trust over 28 years of gemstone experience.

FREE Shipping on all Small Sized Loose Rubies Best Discount Rubies for SALE Online
Our Rubies are priced so low that they are a definite bargain. On top of the discount price, we offer FREE shipping on all loose Rubies!

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