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Round Cut - Calibrated
Genuine Round Ruby Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes - Largest Selection Available of Round Rubies from AfricaGems
Calibrated Standard size Natural Loose Round Ruby Gemstones
Like our loose free size Loose Rubies , AfricaGems has the very best quality calibrated Round Natural Ruby gemstones available on the market today. We source our small size round Ruby from Thailand, from the top Ruby Houses in the world. Our standard size Round Rubies are selected from thousands of rubies for superior color, cut and make. They are carefully graded and selected so that each grade of ruby is distinct. Round shaped Ruby gems in the AAA grade display a beautiful intense medium dark pinkish red to red color, are brilliant and have an excellent cut and good polish. These gem Round Rubies make wonderful accent gems or combined together in a pave style make for some spectacular Ruby jewelry. Our calibrated Round Ruby is not lumpy and have deep cuts that have no brilliance. They all have very good makes, symmetry and display excellent brilliance and intensity. All of our small sized Round Rubies are backed by our exclusive 100% refund policy and have a 30 day return policy.

Vast Selection of Calibrated Round Ruby Gemstones at AfricaGems
We have in stock a vast selection of the different sizes and shapes in various grades from A, AA and AAA grade. We have Marquise shape, Round shape, Princess cut shape and Round shape, Pear shape, Step cut, Trillion shape in all grades and cuts.

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Jewelry Ideas for Round Cut Ruby Stones – Create Your Dream Ruby Jewelry with Discount Loose Rubies
Perhaps your birthday is in July and you want a meaningful piece of jewelry with your birthstone. Or maybe you just have classy taste and enjoy wearing precious gemstone jewelry for its beauty. Everyone has their own reason for wanting Ruby gemstone jewelry but I think everyone can agree on the beauty and elegance of Ruby jewelry. If you want something more than the classic stud earring, go for a dangly drop style earring with match pairs of round cut ruby. Create a interesting ring with multiple round cut rubies and diamonds. Or perhaps create a stunning solitaire pendant with a classic round ruby! Whatever you design, we have the Ruby for you.

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Ruby Round Cut Gemstones

The carat weights of the Ruby Round Cut calibrated gemstones listed here are only approximate weights. The actual carat weight of the Round cut Ruby you receive can be more or less than the listed carat weight. Standard calibrated Round shaped Ruby Gemstones are based on dimensions, not carat weight.