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Oval Cut - Calibrated
Beautiful Oval Cut Rose Quartz Gemstone in Calibrated Sizes Ready to Ship - Best Rose Quartz Gems for Jewelry
Pretty Oval Cut Rose Quartz Gemstones
Picture the subtle pink tones of an ocean sunset. Imagine the fresh beauty of a dew-kissed pink Rose. Think of the sweet pink hues that accent beach shells. All of these soft, light pinks are captured in Rose Quartz gemstones, whose undeniable loveliness makes it a favorite among jewelry lovers worldwide.
Spiritual Properties of Rose Quartz
Traditionally, Rose Quartz has been associated with love, healing and rejuvenation. Some call Rose Quartz the “love stone” and believe that sleeping with a Rose Quartz under the pillow will promote marital harmony and universal love. Many swear by Rose Quartz as a remedy for a broken heart or any emotional trauma as the gentle pink exudes a soothing energy. Others cherish Rose Quartz as a skin rejuvenator, claiming that washing the face with water soaked with Rose Quartz will remove wrinkles and restore the skins perky youthfulness.
Rose Quartz Jewelry With its soft, bubble-gum pink hue, Rose Quartz is quintessentially feminine. While known for being one of the more affordable gemstones, Rose Quartz can give jewelry a high-end, stylish feel. The pale pink of Rose Quartz, when worn on a necklace or perhaps earrings, accents the skins peachy tones and gives the wearer a youthful glow. Embrace your femininity while remaining fashionable and trendy with a stunning Rose Quartz piece.
Rose Quartz Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes
AfricaGems carries a great selection of Rose Quartz gemstones in calibrated sizes. Choose either a large oval or square cut Rose Quartz as a great focus for a chunky ring that will surely be a conversation piece. Or let your imagination take off and get creative, because Rose Quartz is so versatile that its beauty will shine through no matter how it is set. All of our Rose Quartz gems are in stock and ready to be shipped.

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Rose Quartz Oval Cut Gemstones

The carat weights of the Rose Quartz Oval Cut calibrated gemstones listed here are only approximate weights. The actual carat weight of the Oval cut Rose Quartz you receive can be more or less than the listed carat weight. Standard calibrated Oval shaped Rose Quartz Gemstones are based on dimensions, not carat weight.