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24 of 24 Items
Choose A Stunning Engagement Ring Mounting With Side Gems Accents – Best Ring Mounting With Side Gem Options
For people who love color and want to incorporate it into their engagement ring, but at the same time they still want the traditional diamond, colored side gems are a great option. When you customize and engagement ring with side gems you have the opportunity to add a pop of color without straying too far from the classic look. Another nice aspect of side gems is that even without a large center gemstone, the ring still makes a big statement. Having additional gemstones aside the center gem adds visual dimension and ends up creating a very flattering look for the hand. For someone with larger fingers, a smaller Centergem can make the finger appear even larger, especially if the stone is in a solitaire setting. Adding side gems serves to balance the ring and the finger, so that your hands look slender and beautiful. At AfricaGems you can completely customize your Engagement Ring mounting with many options for gemstone sizes and metal types.

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