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Rare and Gorgeous Red Spinel & Red-Orange Spinels from

The Beauty of Spinel

Natural Spinel is not well known in the jewelry world. It is a magnesium aluminate, colored by chromium and iron. It is quite hard scoring an 8 on the Mohs scale and it forms a cubic crystal like a diamond. Spinel gemstone has excellent dispersion and so possesses vivid fire. Spinel color is intense partially due to the fact that Spinel is singly refractive; most gemstones are doubly refractive – only diamond, Spinel and garnet are singly refractive. Spinel today is mined primarily in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Tadjikistan, often alongside corundum (ruby and sapphire). Red and Orange Spinel are the most sought after colors by collectors and the more intense the color the more valuable the stone.

Spinel - Equal to Ruby and Sapphire
Spinel is equal to ruby and sapphire in many respects; Spinel contains fewer inclusions than ruby and has greater fire and brilliance. Spinel is never heated or treated in any way. It is not quite as hard as corundum but harder than Beryl, so it is a fine candidate for jewelry. Burma red Spinel is the most sought after, and is very scarce in stones over 2 carats in size.

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