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Free Size Red Garnet Gems from Mozambique - Gorgeous Loose Red Mozambique Garnets for SALE
Somewhere along the African coast, deep in the heart of a Mozambique mine, someone happened upon one of these red garnets. In the rough, the stone was nothing special but after a lot of careful polishing and cutting, the exceptional stones that you see before you were produced. And what's the rest of the story for these special Mozambique gemstones? That part is up to you! You might choose to mount your Red Garnet in the center of a ring, or perhaps to set it with other colored gems for a unique piece of custom jewelry. From the African coast to your finger (or neck? or ear?) these beautiful Red Mozambique Garnets have a story to tell and beauty to share.

Best Discount Red Garnet Gemstones for Jewelry - Loose Free Sized Red Garnet Gems - Great Gift for Her
As you well may know, Garnet gems are the traditional birthstone for the month of January. If there is a special lady in your life whose birth heralded in the New Year, a Garnet stone is a thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift. The deep burnt wine color of Mozambique Garnets invokes the warmth of Autumn leaves and the feeling of lush, dark velvet. No doubt, the color of Red Garnet oozes luxury and royalty. With stylish checkerboard facets, these superb Red Garnets are perfect for jewelry. Enjoy FREE Shipping on all loose Mozambique Garnets.