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RED GARNET Calibrated
Quality Red Garnet Gems - Small Size Calibrated Beautiful Orangish Red Garnets for SALE
Standard - Calibrated Red Garnet Gemstones at AfricaGems.com AfricaGems now stocks a complete selection of beautiful red garnets of the pyrope garnet species commonly known as Red Garnet. Loose Red Garnets from Mozambique, display a beautiful and very attractive dark red to reddish orange color in the medium and darker red tones. Genuine Red Garnets are very popular with jewelry designers who appreciate its durability, hardness and availability. As the recognized birthstone for the month of January, Garnets are a great choice for people born in January, but even if you aren’t a January baby, you can still appreciate their beauty and accessorize with this beautiful gemstone.

What Do You Need in Genuine Red Garnets?
AfricaGems has in stock and is ready to ship more than 125 different sizes and shapes of these attractive loose red garnet gems. We also offer a FREE matching service that can match any amount of Red Garnet stones that you might need. If you are making a Red Garnet bracelet or red garnet pendant or garnet gold ring with diamonds, AfricaGems can match these garnet gems for you at NO charge.All of our Red Garnet and Other Gemstones are FULLY guaranteed.

Do You Love Beautiful Garnet Gemstones?
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