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Beautiful Pink Tourmaline Gemstones in a Full Range of Calibrated Sizes & Shapes - FREE Shipping Pretty in Pink: The Allure of Pink Tourmaline Gemstones
No one can resist a woman wearing pink. This enthralling, positive hue not only enhances the energy of its wearer, but also attracts the attention and energy of others. Bold, confident, at once beautifully sensitive, and self-assured; exhilarating Pink Tourmaline expresses a timeless feminine charm with a delicate modern edge. Its many hues, ranging from bubblegum pink to rich crimson, compliment all complexions and offer year-round fashion appeal.
Pink Tourmaline Jewelry – Always Fashionable
Classic in combination with black and white, Pink Tourmaline captures the allure of the Art Deco era. It can also express the vitality of the 60s and 70s when set in geometric designs or used to accentuate “Boho chic” fashions. Medium toned Pink Tourmaline is quintessentially feminine, especially when set in retro designs inspired by the 1950s. AfricaGems carries an amazing selection of gorgeous Pink Tourmaline rings with pave diamond settings, modern gold designs, and more funky original settings paired with other colored stones. Or, for a lovely gift for a special lady, AfricaGems offers a gorgeous Pink Tourmaline heart pendant designed by the creative jewelry designer Yuri Romanov.
Celebrate With Pink Tourmaline Gemstones
Pink Tourmaline is often used to celebrate October birthdays as well as the 5th and 8th wedding anniversary. Interesting Facts About Pink Tourmaline
Our selection of calibrated Pink Tourmaline comes from the mineral rich county of Brazil, and there are also large deposits of this natural beauty found in Afghanistan, China, East Africa, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States. Pink Tourmaline has a hardness rating of 7-7.5 making it good for everyday wear. Tourmaline gemstones have undergone a heating treatment in which heat is used to alter the color, clarity, and/or phenomena.
Loose Pink Tourmaline Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes
With over 10 amazing cuts and shapes of Pink Tourmaline, AfricaGems has the best selection of shapes and calibrated sizes of this pink beauty. Add to your gemstone collection with a stunning gem-quality Pink Tourmaline from AfricaGems, where all items are in stock and ready to ship.

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