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Best White and Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl - Choose From Our Great Selection of Pearl Shapes White South Sea Cultured Pears
Australian South Sea cultured pearls are cultured from the Pinctada Maxima oyster which grown up to 12 inches in diameter. Due to the extreme size of the oyster, larger beads are implanted within the oyster and are left to grow for longer periods of time compared to the Akoya Oyster. The cultured South Sea Pearls are the largest gem quality pearls in the world and are generally between 10.00mm to 15.00mm in diameter. Pearls above 16.00mm and occasionally in excess of 20.00mm are rare and highly prized.

The Stunning Color of White South Sea Pearls
The most popular and predominant colors of South Sea cultured pearls are white and silver. The delicate overtone colors or hues of the South Sea cultured pearls are the natural colors of the South Sea Pearl itself and cover the full spectrum of the rainbow. It should be noted that all Paspaley South Sea cultured pearls have natural color and luster and are not enhanced by artificial means.

Golden South Sea Cultured Pearls
The gold-lipped variety of the Pinctada Maxima oyster produces Golden South Sea pearls. Farmed primarily in the Philippines and parts of Indonesia, their natural champagne hue makes them a gem prized by connoisseurs.

Fine vs Fashion Quality Grades
Fine quality pearls are ideally suited for use in high end high quality jewelry where pearls without spots are required. These pears have excellent luster and excellent quality nacre. Fashion quality pearls are ideally suited for use in high quality jewelry where pearls with slight spots on the surface can be accepted. This grade is less expensive than Fine quality grade and is ideally suited for use in more affordable South Sea pearl jewelry. These pearls have very good luster and very fine quality nacre.

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