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Multi Color Tourmaline
Multi Colored "Parti" Tourmalines for SALE - Parti Colored - Mixed Color Tourmaline
This loose Parti-Colored Tourmaline gemstone collection is very unusual in the fine, uniform quality of the gemstones. I am quite proud of these gems, as I was the first gemstone dealer to bring them to the gem markets and to give them the trade name "Parti Color". These unusual gems were subject to a featured article in Gems & Gemology magazine. The faceted tourmalines display a dazzling variety of multiple colors, green, red, gold, yellow, brown, and pinks. In some of the better quality tourmalines, all of these colors can be seen. These tourmalines are very similar looking to fine Andalucite gems. All of these gems were produced from a single locality in eastern Zambia, near the Malawi border. I bought most of the better quality production from this mine. In addition to the parti colored tourmalines, this mine also produced fine bi color tourmalines, pink tourmalines, rubelite tourmalines and raspberry tourmalines. It was rumored that this mine was discovered when a latrine was being dug! The Parti-colored Tourmaline gemstones that were produced are of exceptionally fine quality.

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