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Trillion cut gemstones is the name for the triangular cut of gemstone you see before you. It can also be referred to as trilliant cut, triangular brilliant or triangular modified. An interesting fact about the history of Trillion Cut gemstones is that they were created by the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam and the terms was protected by a trademark held by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York. However, the trademark has long expired and any triangular shaped gemstone, even a cabochon, can be referred to as a Trillion Cut gemstone. There are two basic variations of trillion cut gemstones: curved and uncurved. The uncurved trillion gemstones are basically a classic triangle. The standard size calibrated Trillion cut non genuine gemstones offered by AricaGems are curved, which gives the gemstone a softer look. Non genuine or synthetic gemstones are a great choice for custom jewelry because you can choose exactly what you want and keep the cost down at the same time. All non genuine Trillion cut gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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