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Even though squares have been one of the basic shapes for hundreds of years, if not more, they have a modern and contemporary look when used in jewelry and fashion design. Step cut, with angular facets, is even more chic and there is something about the straight lines and sleek structural look of square shape step cut gems that is extremely on trend and appeals to a more modern vibe. Set in a traditional mounting, a step cut gem will create an eclectic appeal, combining elements of old and new. The jewelry design possibilities with step cut gems are endless, and their signature angular style brings new depth and options for custom jewelry creations. AfricaGems is the best place to shop for non genuine step cut square shape gemstones. Whether you choose Chatham Gemstones or Imitation Gemstones, non genuine gemstones are the best way to incorporate step cut gemstones while keeping the price down. AfricaGems offers FREE shipping on all square shape non genuine gems.

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