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Standard Size Pear Synthetic Gemstones - Shop Pear Moissanite, Pear Chatham Gems & Pear Imitation Gems
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Shop Non Genuine Loose Pear Shape Gems in Cali brated Sizes Chatham Gems, Moissanite, Imitation Gems & CZ in Pear Cut
Pear cut, names for its similarity in shape to the fruit, combines round shape and a marquise cut making a sparkling tear drop style gemstone. Pear cut style is both classic and chic, as it is always a bold style choice to choose something less obvious. Pear cut gemstones are always beautiful in earrings and pendants, as the flattering shape adds length and style. Pear shape gemstones are also a beautiful way to create an optical illusion of a longer and more slender finger in ring designs. One note of caution with pear shape gemstones is that its best to seek out a standard size mounting with a V-prong to secure the pointed tip, as the point of the pear gem is more vulnerable. At AfricaGems we offer an incredible selection of non genuine Pear Cut loose gemstones which include Chatham Created Gemstones, Moissanite, Imitation Gems and Cubic Zirconia. AfricaGems offers FREE shipping on all loose non genuine gemstones as well as a flexible return policy.

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