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If you heart gemstones but don’t heart paying sky high prices for genuine mined gems, imitation heart gemstones might be something you heart, do you follow?! With their timeless message of love, be it romantic love, familial love or otherwise, hearts are a universally recognized symbol to represent emotional connection. Designing jewelry with heart shape gemstones immediately endows the accessory with a deeper meaning and symbolism that is not as clear in other shapes. A single heart can clearly express an “I love you” and even deeper feelings of relationships in a way that a circle and oval just don’t do. Therefore, if you want to create meaningful personalized gemstone jewelry that conveys a message of love, imitation heart shape gemstones are a great choice for creating affordable custom jewelry. We also carry heart shape Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia and Chatham Created gemstones. All non genuine heart shape gemstones are in stock and ready to ship, and of course, we offer FREE shipping on all orders.

How Did The Heart Symbol Become The Universal Sign of Love?
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