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Created Diamonds & Gems
Shop Lab Created Gemstones and Diamonds - Beautiful & Affordable Non Genuine Gems like Chatham Gems, Lab Grown Diamonds, Charles Colvard Moissanite and Imitation Gems
Why Choose Created Gemstones and Diamonds? Lab-created grown gemstones are carefully grown in specially designed gemstone growing laboratories and take over a year to grow the gem crystals. The resulting gemstones are identical copies of the genuine mined gemstones. That means that the lab-grown gem shares the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as real gems, and thus are virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two unless the gems are sent to a gemological laboratory.
Besides the obvious advantages of identical physical, optical, and chemical properties, lab-grown gems are almost always free of inclusions and have top color. The cut of the lab-grown gemstones is also typically superior to genuine mined gems.
The cost of the lab-grown gems is a huge advantage and they typically cost 10x less than the created gemstones!