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The Emerald Cut gemstone gained popularity in the Art Deco period, which lend jewelry creations with Emerald Cut gemstones a gorgeous and sophisticated vintage feel. Whatís interesting is that Emerald cut gemstones have a huge table facet, which means that the top flat facet of the gem is large. For naturally mined gemstones, this could be problematic since the cut does not hide internal flaws and inclusions as you can peer deep into the body of the gemstone. However, when it comes to manmade, synthetic, lab created and imitation gemstones which were created in a controlled environment, there are significantly less inclusions. Therefore, if you love the vintage look of Emerald shape gemstones but donít want to have all imperfections revealed, an imitation gemstone or Chatham Created gemstone in Emerald cut is a great solution to that problem. You can enjoy the beauty and style of Emerald cut without staring at gemstone flaws when you choose a man made stone! All non genuine Emerald cut gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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