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What’s your favorite shape? Different people are drawn to different shapes when it comes to design, fashion and of course, when it comes to gemstones, jewelry. One might not even realize that they are attracted not just to the basic outline or form, but on a deeper level to the symbolism and meaning within the shape. The round circle shape, for example, since it has no beginning or end represents eternity and wholeness. Squares represent stability, honesty and order. When it comes to triangles (or the trillion gemstone cut) the meaning can change based on the orientation of the shape, representing balance and strength from one position or purpose and revelation from another. Hearts obviously stand for love and affection. Ovals represent fertility, creativity and increase. Pear shape connotes abundance, goodness and plenty. Perhaps you have a favorite shape and never considered the deeper implications of that shape. We offer imitation and non authentic gemstones in every shape. AfricaGems offers FREE Shipping and a 30 day return policy for all loose gemstones.

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