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If there were awards for best supporting gemstone shape, baguette would be a shoe in. With their elongated rectangular shape, Baguettes are very commonly set as side gems, flanking a focal gemstone on either side. What’s nice about the look is that with a diamond substitute baguette, such as imitation diamond or Cubic Zirconia, if the ring is a diamond engagement ring it continues the diamond bling look along the band, adding a luxurious feel. However, you can punch up an engagement ring with colored baguettes, adding a unique color pop without straying too far from traditional styles. However, although they do an amazing job playing their supporting role to the lead center gemstone, the link below provides an excellent example of a baguette gemstone front and center in a ring, and it is amazing! So with over 25 different varieties of non genuine baguette shape gemstones to choose from, you can use the baguettes as side gems or center gems in your custom gemstone jewelry designs.

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