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Square Cushion
Standard Size Antique Square Synthetic Gemstones - Shop Antique Square Moissanite, Antique Square Chatham Gems & Antique Square Imitation Gems
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Antique Square Shape is sometimes referred to as simply Cushion Cut or Pillow Cut, because their curved corners are reminiscent of a pillow. Antique Square shape is considered a vintage cut which is experiencing a revival in popularity. Cushion cuts are hot and trending right now in jewelry designs. Celebrities have embraced cushion cut, especially in diamond engagement ring, and many others have jumped on the antique square bandwagon, making them extremely in style. There is something classic and romantic about antique square shape and it adds a element that is current yet rooted in gemstone history. Just to clarify, there is often confusion when it comes to gemstone nomenclature as to what is considered a cushion cut gemstone. At AfricaGems we break up the cushion shape into two basic categories: Antique Square and Antique Cushion. Antique Square is more of a square shape with rounded corner while Antique Cushion shape is a rectangle with rounded corners. All non genuine Antique Square cut gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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