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Antique Cushion
Standard Size Antique Cushion Synthetic Gemstones - Shop Antique Cushion Moissanite, Antique Cushion Chatham Gems & Antique Cushion Imitation Gems
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Beautiful Imitation & Synthetic Antique Cushion Cut Gemstones for SALE – Shop Antique Cushion Cut Non Genuine Gems
Antique Cushion Cut Gemstones are basically a rectangle shape with rounded edges, resembling a pillow shape. Though this cut has been around for a long time—hence the Antique part of the name—they have become very popular of late and now they add a contemporary flair to jewelry design. And though Antique Cushion cuts are becoming trendier, they are not as common as the ubiquitous round and princess cut gems, therefore they offer a unique and one-of-a-kind look. AfricaGems offers an incredible array of non genuine Antique Cushion cut gemstones featuring a wide variety of imitation gemstones and synthetic Chatham Created gemstones. When it comes to imitation gems, you are able to get that high fashion look at the lowest prices. In terms of Chatham Created gemstones, they give you the ability to have a completely real sapphire, ruby, emerald, alexandrite, opal or blue spinel gemstone that was created in the controlled environment of a lab. So while Chatham Gemstones are often a finer quality than naturally mined gems, they are still much less expensive. All Antique Cushion cut non genuine gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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