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Rare – One of a Kind Museum Quality Gemstones

What exactly are museum quality gemstones? Simply put, they are rare gemstones that are big and beautiful. To be more explicit, these gems are exceptional in their color, clarity and carat weight. If you’ve been to any type of natural history museum chances are they have a gem and mineral exhibit. Such exhibits are a way for people to get a glimpse of their favorite rare gemstone in both cut and uncut forms, while learning what makes them one of a kind gemstones. It’s not uncommon to see alexandrite, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite, rubies, tourmalines, garnets and even diamonds. Today people look at investments in gems and they often seek out museum quality gemstones.

What Makes these Luxury and Exotic Gemstones Different From Other Gemstones?

Luxury and exotic rare gemstones have three distinctions. One is size. In some exhibits you can see rather large samples of one of a kind gemstones. Huge rubies, emeralds and sapphires are often a big hit with visitors who wonder, "Where can I find museum quality gemstones?"

The reason is that more people today see investments in gems as a smart decision, and why not? Several types of stones, such as the famous Paraiba tourmalines from Brazil, can reach over $20,000 per carat in some cases. But even if you’re not looking to become a ‘high roller’ in museum quality gemstones the great news is you have alternatives. You can have a rare gemstone that’s beautiful and smaller, but still has incredible value.

The second distinction in museum quality gemstones is the color of the gemstone. Exceptional gemstones in the museum quality category will display the finest color of that gemstone species or display a very rare color of the gemstone species. An example would be a 20 carat untreated Pink Sapphire gemstone with a hot bubble gum pink color. That color is very rare in even 2 carat pink sapphires, so a 20 carat with that amazing color would be extremely rare. Another color example would be a very fine quality bi color sapphire. These bi color sapphires are very rare but one that displays distinct color zoning would be a rarity. The third distinction in a luxury rare gemstone would be an unusually good clarity. Gemstone species of like emerald typically contain internal characteristics, otherwise known as inclusions. Even in very expensive emeralds, inclusions are typical. However some emeralds have been known to contain no inclusions or very small inclusions, similar to a VVS diamond. These emeralds are very rare. They are even more rare than an IF diamond! So if you combine unusually good clarity and a large carat weight, this will give that gemstone that status of museum quality gemstones.

Buying Museum Quality Gemstones at Africa Gems

So what do you look for in museum quality gemstones? Again, the answer is size and cut. You’ll find offers you one of the finest collections of museum quality gemstones available anywhere. Like many of those museum displays, many of our gemstones are bought in the rough state and cut to perfection here in the USA by our experienced cutters. In addition to museum quality gemstones, we also offer you a vast selection of unique jewelry featuring very high quality gemstones. So whether it’s loose or set museum quality gemstones, we’ve got what you’re looking for.