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Vivid Orange Mexican & Brazilian Origin Fire Opal Loose Gemstones for SALE - Fabulous Hot Orange Opals What is a Mexican Fire Opal? – Shop For Fabulous Loose Mexican Fire Opal Gemstones in Hot Vivid Orange Colors
The term “Fire Opal” can be a bit confusing. A common opal is either transparent or translucent in color and does not exhibit a “play of color”, meaning there is only one solid color. A “Fire Opal”, by some definitions, refers to an opal with many colors that contrast with the background or body color, referred to as “play of color”. However, when we talk about Mexican Fire Opals, they do not have the classic “play of color” yet their hot, intense, vivid orangey color has earned them the title “Fire Opal”. Anyway, enough with all of those semantics! It’s time to check out our incredible selection of genuine Mexican Fire Opal Gemstones!

Create Spectacular Custom Jewelry With Mexican Fire Opals – Amazing Loose Discount Orange Fire Opals from Mexico
If you love bold jewelry with a pop of color, Mexican Fire Opals are the gemstone for you! Create an eye-catching cocktail ring or a dazzling statement pendant with these show-stopping bright orange gemstones! Paired with yellow gold for complimentary tones or white gold for contrasting tones, you can’t go wrong in designing custom jewelry for a Mexican Fire Opal. Much like the spicy Mexican foods, this gemstone is a tangy, hot and beautiful export from Mexico! Weather you prefer faceted or cabochon, we have a stunning variety of Mexican Fire Opal gemstones for your next custom jewelery project.

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