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Tourmaline Gemstone Pairs - Fantastic Quality of GEM Quality Matched Pairs in Tourmalines Are Available at AfricaGems See The Quality of Tourmaline Matched Pairs Available at AfricaGems

**NEW** Gorgeous Collection of Blue Tourmaline Matched Pairs
AfricaGems has just received a lovely selection of fine, matched pairs of Blue Tourmaline gemstones. These beauties boast high clarity ratings, impeccable cuts, and beautiful color. Their blue hues are reminiscent of serene ocean waves. Any of these sets would be perfect for a land-locked beach lover. This magnificent collection offers a range of sizes from almost 2 carats to 7.45 carats of matched Blue Tourmaline beauty. These glorious gems are just begging to be set into white gold earrings. Come check out our new selection today!

Selected Tourmaline Gemstone Pairs - Stunning Tourmalines in Matching Pairs
This collection of Tourmaline gemstone matched pairs is very unique in the quality of the Tourmaline gems and the larger sizes. Tourmaline gemstones are available in so many different color tones, it is quite difficult to match gems perfectly. Since I purchased the rough gems, I have the advantage of cutting pairs from the same rough to ensure perfect color matches. Cutting to make a matched Tourmaline gemstone pair really makes a difference in the final result.
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All of our certified Tourmaline gemstone pairs are professionally graded by a professional gemologist, certified and fully guaranteed. See our Industry Leading Certified Gemstone Buying Advantage Program .

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