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Striking Matched Pairs in Spinel Gemstones - All Colors of Spinels in Matched Pairs
According to the GIA Gem Encyclopedia, Spinel gems would win the award for “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem”. This is mostly due to the fact that before modern gemology most Spinel gemstones were mistaken for Ruby or Sapphire. For example in Southeast Asia there was a very large Spinel deposit that produced very fine stones, however they were mislabeled as Rubies, and stones from this mine were known specifically as Balas rubies. Balas Rubies were prized possessions of kings and emperors however only more recently have we learned that these famous “rubies” were indeed Spinel gemstones. Another case of mistaken identity is the famed “Timur Ruby” which was a treasured possession in Persian royalty. This incredible Spinel gemstone weighs over 350 carats. Another reason for the lack of due recognition to Spinel gemstones is that in modern times there have been many synthetic Spinel gems on the market, so much so that consumers are largely unaware that there is a natural Spinel gemstone. Yet, here it is, a lovely genuine gemstone with a beauty rivaling the most expensive precious gems!

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