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Matching Pairs in Semi Precious Gems - Fine Quality Matched Gem Stones in Matched Pairs - Pairs In Gemstones
Matching Semi Precious Gemstones: Finest Quality Loose Natural Gemstones In Pairs or Gem Accents in Jewelry **NEW** Dazzling Assortment of Aquamarine Matched Pairs
Africa Gems has just received a beautiful new shipment of matched Aquamarine pairs in a variety of perfectly cut shapes and sizes. Many of the sets would make ideal earrings or the perfect addition to any gemstone collection. We have a range of sizes to offer- from the dainty pair of 1.85 carats to the large, jaw-dropping size of 15.84 carats, there is something for every preference and budget. These rare stones display fantastic brilliance with stunning shades of vibrant sky blues. Every pair in this set boast a clarity rating of Eye Clean Plus. With gorgeous color and tone these unbelievable high-quality gemstone pairs will blow you away.

AfricaGems is the undisputed master in perfectly matched pairs of fine gemstones. We have just added an unprecedented collection of very high quality matched pairs in TOURMALINES OF ALL VARIETIES, RUBY, SAPPHIRE of all varieties and gorgeous EMERALDS. These matched pairs have been carefully selected for quality of color, cut, clarity and price. Our pairs might cost a bit more but believe me that they are worth it! They will look that much better once set and that is the result you want. Check em out!
Matched Gemstone Pairs in perfect Matched Pairs
Fine Matched Gemstone pairs are extremely difficult to find in larger sizes. The reason being is that every gemstone is a unique creation of nature and rarely do colored gemstones have the same hue, or tone of color. Colored loose gemstones are also very expensive, so one doesn’t necessarily want to recut one gemstone and lose carat weight to match another perfectly. This is why matched pairs almost always carry a premium price. Pairs, Tanzanite Matched Pairs, Garnet Matched Pairs, Tourmaline Matched Pairs and others.
Can't Find the Right Matched Pair?
We have loads of fine quality matched pairs that are not listed on the website-Contact us for more information.
Perfect Gemstone Matched Pairs from AfricaGems
Tourmaline gemstones for instance have an almost unlimited range of colors, hues and tones. Dichroic or Trichroic gemstones are also very difficult to match perfectly. Tanzanite is a great example of this. is very picky about matched pairs. We take great pride in how our matched pairs look. They must match perfectly in color as well as cut. Since purchases many gemstones in the raw or rough state we can more easily cut gemstones to match. This results in a much sharper matched gemstone pair as well as lower costs to you.
Calibrated Gemstones are Perfect for smaller Matched Pairs
We also have standard sized calibrated gemstones in Alexandrite , Amethyst , Ametrine , Aquamarine and Paraiba Tourmaline that are perfect for smaller stud sized earrings and accent stones.
All of our certified Gemstone Pairs are professionally graded by a professional gemologist, certified and fully guaranteed. See our Industry Leading Certified Gemstone Buying Advantage Program .