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Amazing Pink Loose Kunzite Gems for SALE - Pink Colored Kunzite Gemstones for Jewelry
Kunzite – A Stunning New Stone
Kunzite is a new gemstone which was only discovered in 1902 in California. It is a good hard stone and is strongly Pleochroic, which means there is color variation when viewed in different directions. Kunzite can appear violet, pink or colorless depending on the angle you look at it. Many pink gems, such as sapphire and spinel can only be found in small sizes. Kunzite can often be found in sizes above 20 carats. The gemstone is often clean and has a perfect cleavage.

The Secret Kunzite
Kunzites are mainly mined in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it is still unknown to many gemstone buyers, in fact the public only began paying attention to Kunzite when it learned of a 47 carat Kunzite ring that President Kennedy had purchased for his wife. He, tragically never gave her the ring before his death in 1963. Absolute beauty, perfectness and charm are all contained within one of these gorgeous gems and is waiting to be displayed in its full glory adorning you or someone close to you!

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