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Gorgeous Green Tourmaline Gems in Calibrated Sizes - Full Selection of Shapes & Sizes Go Green! Loose Green Tourmaline in Calibrated Sizes
The color of growth and fertility, green naturally links to hope, strength, and physical health. Vivid Green Tourmaline, ranging from pure leek-green to complex shades touched with yellow, blue or brown, makes the most of greenís positive association.
History & Lore
Legend tells of Tourmalineís power to attract friends and lovers, protect the wearer against bad decisions, and shield its owner from danger. Perhaps because green represents a balance between blue and yellow, Green Tourmaline is thought to promote balance for those who wear it. Moreover tourmaline has been long used by writers and artists as an amulet to inspire creativity. Some believe that tourmaline strengthens the body and spirit.
Green Tourmaline Trivia
Tourmaline is a gem often given to those born in October, as well as those born under the sign of Capricorn. Additionally, it is the celebratory gem for the 8th wedding anniversary. Our Green Tourmaline is mined in East Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China and the United States. Green Tourmaline is a fairly durable gem, with a Mohís hardness rating of 7-7.5, and is therefore a great choice for fancy and everyday jewelry. Tourmaline gemstones have undergone a heating treatment in which heat is used to alter the color, clarity, and/or phenomena.
Green Tourmaline Jewelry
One of the more popular stones among male buyers, Green Tourmaline also adds elegance to womenís jewelry designs. Especially since green is commonly affiliated with eco-friendly products, we see green gems such as Green Tourmaline being used by designers and sought after by fashion-forward consumers. Its rich olive hue provides a stunning year-round fashion accessory. AfricaGems has a great variety of Green Tourmaline rings in settings that really bring out the true beauty of natural Green Tourmaline. Also, loose matched pairs of small Green Tourmaline in any shape are great for stud earring that add a fresh green accent to either a neutral or colorful ensemble.

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