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Green Loose Gemstones for Jewelry - Shop for Any Shade of Green Colored Gemstone
Do you Go Crazy for Green Gems? - What is the Meaning of the Color Green?
Green is the color most associated with nature. Typically, it’s a calming color, however green with hints of yellow can also be considered energetic. Green is also the color of abundance and freshness—this might be why many associate it with wealth and why our forefathers chose green as the color for US currency. A stunning bright green gemstone like an Emerald or a Tsavorite Garnet can be a statement of energy and power. A softer green like Peridot or Green Quartz will give a calmer soothing feeling. With so many shades of stunning gemstones that are green to choose from, you can surely find the color that is perfect for you.

How to Wear Green Jewelry Accessories – Green Gems and Fashions Throughout the Seasons
Revitalizing. Peaceful. Ever new – like spring grass and morning dew. The color green can be as deep as an enchanted forest or as surprising as wasabi. Summer fashions echo the retro styles of the late 40;s and 50’s, cool Mint Green and Green-Blue are like a refreshing drink on a hot day. Romance and nostalgia abound in late summer to fall fashions when shoppers crave familiar comforts. Suggest jewelry set with Desert Sage or Moss Green colored gems; these gems look especially attractive in designs with natural lines or elements. Mysterious Crocodile and Verbena green add complexity to winter apparel and enchant those who desire phantasmagorical jewelry designs. Green gemstones are a great way to accessorize with a piece of jewelry that can be worn in all seasons.

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