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GOLDEN CITRINE Square Cut Gems - Calibrated
Perfect Square Cut Golden Citrine - Best Selection of Loose Citrine in Square Shape for Rings
Calibrated Citrine Gemstones in Square Cut for Sale Beautiful Square Citrine Gemstones for Jewelry
There is a very special glow to Citrine gemstones. Their positive energy is known to rub off on the wearer and Citrine is said to increase happiness and to bring good fortune and prosperity. Many healers use Citrine to cure ailments because the cheery yellow positivity wields a power of curing and improvement. Shop for a stunning Square Cut Golden Citrine to be mounted in a ring, or choose the matched pairs option for earrings. Use your imagination to create stunning and unique custom jewelry with Citrine gemstones in Square Cut.

Discount Loose Square Citrine in Standard Sizes Shop for the Best Golden Citrine FREE Shipping With a variety of gem grades and sizes, we have the perfect Square Cut Golden Citrine for your dream jewelry. With cabochon options and checkerboard facets, we offer a fabulous selection of Square Cut Golden Citrine. In addition to the amazing array of standard sized gemstones we offer FREE shipping on all Square Citrine gemstones. Find your dream Citrine gemstone today!

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Citrine Square Cut Gemstones

The carat weights of the Citrine Square Cut calibrated gemstones listed here are only approximate weights. The actual carat weight of the Square cut Citrine you receive can be more or less than the listed carat weight. Standard calibrated Square shaped Citrine Gemstones are based on dimensions, not carat weight.