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More Gemstone Information

Gemstone Enhancements completely and accurately discloses all aspects of gemstone treatments. Utilizing the latest gemstone industry standards by the AGTA (American Gemstone Traders Association). All gemstones are sold with treatment disclosures. also utilizes accepted trade names for gemstones. For example, we will not call an off colored ruby “padparascha ruby” as some on-line gemstone sites do.

Gemstone Library
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Gemstone viewing
This is a common question. Make sure you are in a place with a soft floor such as a carpeted room. Carefully remove the gemstone from the packaging. Use a clean, soft cotton cloth to carefully wipe the gemstone free from any dust or lint. Place the gemstone in the valley formed between your middle and fore finger when held together. Place your hand at a distance of how you would normally place your hands, typically 1-2 feet from your eyes. This is the best way to view your gem, as it gives you an idea of what it will look like when mounted in a ring. Be sure to view the gem in different types of light. Outdoor, incandescent, fluorescent, penlight, and halogen lighting will give you an idea of how the gem will look in different lighting. Keep in mind that a loose gem will appear to be much larger when mounted.

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