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AfricaGems Donates 1% of Gross Sales to the Zambian Children's Fund

Marc Sarosi of AfricaGems Visits The Zambian Children's Fund Facility in Lusaka Zambia

See What Your Purchase Does to Support The Zambian Childrens Fund:
  • A $50.00 purchase from will provide 1 meal a day for 2 children.
  • A $100.00 purchase from will provide 1 meal a day for 4 children.
  • A $250.00 purchase from will buy 1 hen which will provide eggs for the year for 1 child.
  • A $500.00 purchase from will buy 2 hens which will provide eggs for the year for 3 children.
  • A $1000.00 purchase from will buy electricity for 2 days for the schools and orphanage
  • A $2000.00 purchase from will provide for 3 full meals/day for 12 children for one week
The ZCF does very important work in the south central African nation of Zambia, supporting orphaned children through a variety of innovative programs. In a nation devastated by HIV, which has resulted in more than 2 million orphaned children, the Zambian Children's Fund works hard to feed, shelter and educate orphaned children to enable them to become healthy, self sustaining adults.

Marc Sarosi, owner of was compelled to inititate this corporate sponsorship of the Zambian Children's Fund and has this to say"Zambia feels like my second home, I have a special affinity for the country and its people. After spending so many years living there and traveling throughout the country, I felt the need to help in some way - to give back to Zambia and help the most vulnerable people-the orphaned children. I will always remember the special spirit of the Zambian people. Despite the tremendous hardships of everyday life, they always had a smile on their faces. My sincere hope is that the AfricaGems sponsorship of the ZCF succeeds in generating much needed additional revenue for this very important organization to allow it to grow and help even more children."

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Zambian Children's Fund - DanielRead This Heart Warming Story about How the ZCF Helped Daniel
When Daniel arrived at Chishawasha Children's Home in July 2001, he was extremely dirty and covered with large, oozing sores. The policemen who found the abandoned boy said he was two years old, but he was the size of a six-month-old. Everything about him was small, except his head and bulging stomach. As the police left, they promised to return for him when they found his family.
Having never seen a white person, Daniel took a few minutes to warm up to Kathe. Very soon, though, he began calling her either "Mommy" or "Ambuya" (grandmother), and allowed her to bathe him, cleanse his sores and dress him for bed in soft, warm pajamas.
The next day, Daniel constantly asked for more food, even when he'd just eaten a large amount. (This is typical of a child who has not eaten well for months or years - their bodies have so much need, they don't know how to "turn off" the desire to eat.) He also lay around most of the time; the combination of malnutrition, not knowing how to play, and never getting attention made him extremely passive.
After two weeks at Chishawasha, Daniel acted like a normal, active, intelligent two-year-old - constantly getting into everything, while talking almost non-stop in three languages (Bemba, Nyanja, and English). His favorite word, "n'cana" (I won't) proved his two-year-old status.
With a doctor's care, the sores (caused by a fly biting him and laying eggs under his skin; the larvae, then, eating his flesh and causing infection) were also drying up and disappearing. Daniel grew a full inch in those two weeks, two inches the first month!
The police never did learn anything about Daniel's family. Nor did Daniel show signs of missing anyone. Now, eight years later, he is a happy, healthy boy, continuing to grow and learn. At Chishawasha, Daniel has found a family. Here, he has numerous doting brothers and sisters and he calls all the men on the Chishawasha staff, "Daddy" and the women "Mommy". Kathe continues to be his white "Ambuya".