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Garnet Gemstones in Matched Pairs
AfricaGems,com offers a quality selection of garnet gemstone pairs. Like our free size Natural Garnet selection of fine gemstones, these matched garnet pairs are of the highest gemstone standards. The garnet family of gemstones is as vast as it is beautiful. Garnets lend themselves to matched pairs as they are plentiful, often found in smaller sizes and have mostly uniform color and tone. As a purchaser of rough or raw garnets such as Tsavorite, Spessartite, Rhodolite and others, AfricaGems is uniquely positioned to offer very fine gem quality garnet matched pairs to you at affordable prices.

**NEW** Stunning Assortment of Matched Pairs - Demantoid Garnets
Select pairs of gorgeous, well-matched Oval and Round Cut Demantoid Garnets have just been added to the AfricaGems collection. Originally sourced from Namibia, these fascinating high-quality gems will be the perfect addition to your gem collection or jewelry creation. These intriguing Demantoid Garnet pairs display incredibly brilliant green color- ranging from lovely and unique slightly yellowish-green to fantastic grassy green. If you are in the market for a stunning pair of Demantoid Garnet gems, you’ll find excellent quality in this set. With unparalleled cut and brilliance these gems will make great earrings, a perfect gift for the holidays!
All of our certified Garnet gemstone pairs are professionally graded by a professional gemologist, certified and fully guaranteed. See our Industry Leading Certified Gemstone Buying Advantage Program .

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