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Charles & Colvard Forever Brilliant Moissanite Created Gemstones by for SALE in Calibrated Sizes at AfricaGems Amazing Forever Brilliant ® Moissanite from Charles & & Colvard for SALE – Shop Loose Forever Brillant Created Moissanite Gems
What is the difference between Forever Brilliant ® Moissanite and Standard Moissanite gemstones? Basically, Forever Brilliant® Moissanite gemstones represent the cream of the crop of lab created Moissanite gems. They are four grades whiter with a stunning icy color, known as white hot, and they have an even higher refractive index, making them the most brilliantly beautiful Moissanites ever. In comparison to diamonds, Forever Brilliant® Moissanite gemstones are ten percent more refractive, yet one tenth of the price! Forever Brilliant® Moissanite gemstones are the next generation of Moissanite, as the lab creation process has been honed and perfected, yielding a sparkling white gemstone that maximizes the full potential beauty of Moissanite.

Create Custom Jewelry With Forever Brilliant® Moissanite – Choose a Forever Brilliant® Moissanite for Your Engagement Ring
While Moissanite gemstones often get the bad rap of being a “diamond substitute”, since they are superior to diamonds in almost every index, Moissanite gemstones—especially the perfected Forever Brilliant® line—are really a diamond upgrade for a fraction of the price. Everyone knows that diamonds, are more valued for their status of being a diamond than anything else. Moissanites are people realize that beauty is beauty and sometimes the “substitute” surpasses the original.

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