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Natural Green Emerald Stone up to 2 carats for SALE - We Stock The Finest in Vivid Green Emeralds at AfricaGems has the BEST selection of fine African and Columbian Emeralds anywhere – Discount Emeralds for SALE
The most popular emerald gemstones are in the 1.00 carat to 2 carat sizes. AfricaGems has a vast selection of fine Columbian emeralds, top quality Brazilian emeralds and of course, very fine African emeralds in the 1.20 to 2.00 carat sizes. has more than 35 loose emeralds to choose from and ready to ship to you. Please be aware that the images of the emeralds are not representative of their fine color. They all display a brilliant beautiful electric green color. The Columbian emeralds tend to have a more yellowish undertone while the African emeralds have a more bluish undertone. Loose emerald gemstones are typically treated to fill fractures that come to the surface of the gemstone. This is an accepted practice in the gemstone trade and will be noted on any emerald sold by

Where Does the Name Emerald Come From? – Interesting Facts About the Etymology of Emeralds
The history of the name Emerald is an interesting linguistic journey through different languages and continents. Most recently, the word Emerald is connected to either “Esmeraude” in Old French or “Emeraude” in Middle English. However, those words are derived from the Vulgar Latin word Esmeralda. This, however, can be further traced to both Hebrew (izmargad) and Sanskrit. Others claim that the word Emerald is related to the Hebrew word “baraq” which means “lightening” or “shine” as many other languages use a word for Emerald that is etymologically similar to “baraq”.

Shopping for Loose Emeralds for Jewelry – Choosing the Perfect Emerald for Your Dream Emerald Ring
When shopping for Emeralds there are many things to worry about. However, when you buy certified Emeralds at AfricaGems, there is no need to question the quality and verity of the stones you see. The only question to ask yourself when you’re buying loose Emeralds from AfricaGems is “do I love it?” As long as the Emerald you choose finds favor in your eyes, you can be sure that it will make a find stone for the center of that Emerald ring you’ve always dreamed of!

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