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Heirloom Emerald Gems
Beautiful Loose Emerald Gemstones from AfricaGems - We Stock Only Finer Quality Emerald Stones
Round Cut
Round Cut
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Oval Cut
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Cushion Cut
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Other Cuts
Other Cuts
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Quality Emerald Gemstones for Custom Emerald Jewelry - Fine Loose Emerald Gemstones has always had a strong emerald gemstone inventory, from Columbian emeralds, Brazilian emeralds to African emeralds gemstones. In the smaller size range of fine emerald gems Loose Gemstone photography is very difficult and emeralds are the most difficult to shoot a representative image. The color of the emeralds tend to go towards the blue in digital images, yet in real life these emerald possess that bright, intense grass green color that emerald gemstones are famous for. The source location of these emeralds varies from Columbian emeralds, African emeralds (mainly Zambian) and also Brazilian emeralds. Loose emerald gemstones are typically treated to fill fractures that come to the surface of the gemstone. This is an accepted practice in the gemstone trade and will be noted on any emerald sold by

Gorgeous Discount Top Quality Loose Emerald Gemstones in Small Free Sizes Best Green Emeralds for Jewelry
The well known beautiful bright green Emerald color has made Emerald gemstones an oft sought after gemstone by royals throughout history. Even recently, the current Queen Mary has been spotted wearing and Emerald studded crown and an Emerald brooch. While I doubt that many of our customers are planning to buy loose Emeralds to fashion a crown (though you never know!), they are a great choice for rings, pendants and earrings. Emeralds are extremely versatile gemstones in jewelry design; they look great in both white and yellow gold, and can be paired with other colored gemstones as well as diamonds. Emerald gems are also a great birthstone jewelry option for those born in May, or for those born under the sign of Cancer.

Amazing Loose Emerald Gemstones for SALE Find the Perfect Emerald in All Gemstone Cuts
When you scroll through our collection of Emeralds that are 1.20 carats or less, you will see a stunning range of gemstone cuts including: oval cut, emerald cut, round cut, pear cut, trillion cut, antique cushion cut, and modified square cut. Whichever cut of Emerald you are looking for , you can find it at AfricaGems.

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