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Emerald Pairs
Emerald Matched Pairs - Beautiful Matching Emeralds Gemstones - Let AfricaGems Make You a Beautiful Pair of Emerald Earrings
Emerald Matched Pairs - Beautiful Matching Emeralds Gemstones - Genuine Fine Quality Matched Emerald Our section of matched pairs of loose Emeralds epitomizes the saying “two are better than one.” What can you do with a set of matched Emeralds? The most obvious choice is stud earrings. For people with light eyes, the bright Emerald green is a stunning compliment and is truly flattering. And for brown eyed beauties, Emerald stud earrings create an attractive color contrast and it highlights the greenish tint in the eyes. Another option for Emerald matched pairs is to use the stone to flank a center stone in a triple stone ring. Perhaps that center stone is a diamond for an engagement ring, or it can be any other colored gemstone. A unique way to use matched pairs is to make two identical rings for sisters or best friends to be worn as a friendship ring. Use your imagination and have fun designing custom jewelry with matched Emerald pairs.

Find the Best Matched Pairs of Emerald – Discount Loose Emerald Pairs – Beautiful Natural Emerald Gemstone Pairs for SALE
Matching gemstones is a difficult and time consuming task. There are so many different shades, cuts, sizes and qualities of Emeralds that finding two stones that are near identical is like finding a needle in a haystack, or to be less cliché and more dramatic, like finding one grain of rice hidden on the entire continent of Africa. Okay, maybe that was too dramatic, but you get it, matching gemstones is hard! That’s why we’re proud to present exceptionally matched Emerald gemstones that are carefully selected for matching in color, size and cut. These matched Emeralds are of the highest quality and are great for designer Emerald jewelry.

Discount Loose Matched Emeralds for Jewelry – This is The Best Place to Buy Matched Emeralds Online
Shopping for gemstones online can be a daunting process. But here at AfricaGems we give the buyer every advantage. First of all, our gems are graded and certified by a gemologist. And we also offer FREE shipping and free returns. Did you know that in over 18,200 transactions AfricaGems has a 100% positive feedback rating! Additionally we offer the lowest and most competitive prices on the most beautiful and top quality gems! Find your perfect matched Emerald pair today!

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