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Stunning Yellow Sapphire Gemstones for SALE - Discount Prices for Loose Sapphire
Best Discounted Loose Yellow Sapphire Gemstones for SALE – Shop Affordable Genuine Yellow Sapphire
Usually, when it comes to celebrity jewelry, Yellow Sapphires are not in the limelight. But recently, in April 2014, Jenny McCarthy announced her engagement to Donnie Walberg and everyone is abuzz about her choice of a huge super bling yellow sapphire engagement ring. Very beautiful and eye catching, this snazzy engagement ring features a large cushion cut yellow sapphire is framed by diamonds and many more diamond decorate the super glamorous large ring. The designer of this custom ring, Daniel Arik says “The ring is over 10 carats. The band is 18-karat white gold although you can't see the band because it's covered with diamonds. We did a custom basket for the sapphire. There is a row of diamonds around the center and from the side view there is a custom made gallery of diamonds.” In terms of the centergem color, Arik says “Jenny wanted the yellow." So if you are considering a nontraditional colored gem engagement ring, the trend has been set and you can jump on the yellow sapphire bandwagon with Jenny McCarthy!

Amazing Inexpensive Bargain Priced Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstones – Create Custom Jewelry With Low Priced Yellow Sapphire
With an impressive selection of shapes, sizes and shades of yellow, this collection of Yellow Sapphire gemstone is unique in the high quality of stones being offered at such affordable and low prices! Create your custom ring today with a discount yellow sapphire!

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