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Best Discount Tanzanite Gemstones for SALE - Very Cheap Loose Tanzanite
Best Discounted Loose Tanzanite Gemstones for SALE – Shop for Bargain Buy Tanzanite Gemstone Deals
With thirty super low priced discount Tanzanite gemstones to choose from, you can really take your pick! Whether you’re looking for a small or large Tanzanite, we offer a range of carats starting from 0.57 carats and going up to over 13 carats. In terms of shapes, we feature the classic oval, cushion, pear, trillion, and square cuts, as well as more unique kite shapes and fancy cuts. The colors cover the gamut of beautiful watery blue purples with a nice selection of shades within that color scheme. Basically, if you are looking for a beautiful genuine Tanzanite gemstone at a low price, you’ve come to the right place!

Low Priced Genuine Blue Purple Tanzanite Gemstones – Great Deals on Affordable Loose Free Size Tanzanite Gems for Custom Jewelry
Let’s get the facts straight about Tanzanite. As the name implies, Tanzanite gemstones are mined in Tanzania. This beautiful and desirable blue variety of the mineral zoisite only has one known source which is located in the hills of Merelani in the northern region of Tanzania. Because Tanzanite gems are commercially mined in only one spot on the planet, Tanzanite gemstones are rarer than diamonds! The deeper and more saturated blue colored Tanzanite gemstones tend to be more valuable and fetch higher prices. Another fun fact is that Tanzanite gemstones are the gemstone gift to be given on 24th wedding anniversaries!

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