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Let’s learn some fun and interesting facts about spinel gemstones. It used to be that Spinels were only thought of as Ruby substitutes, but in recent time Spinels have come into their own, and there is an increased consumer demand for the beautiful colors of Spinel gemstones. In ancient times, Spinel gemstones were used in royal jewelry as well as passed on through the spoils of war. The famous British Imperial Crown of the 14th called the Black Prince’s Ruby was actually a Spinel! This is not the only famous Ruby gemstone that turned out to be Spinel. In fact, it wasn’t until 1783 that Spinel gemstones were differentiated from Rubies by a mineralogist known as Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de Lisle. What’s even more interesting is that this categorization and ability to distinguish between Ruby and Spinel gemstones actually gave birth to the science of gemology.

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As we mentioned previously that Spinel was frequently confused with Ruby, it is no wonder that the GIA Gem Encyclopedia names Spinel “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem”. Even today, many modern consumers are not aware of the natural version of Spinel gemstones, as they have been used as synthetic imitations for other gems. However, for those who appreciate the beautiful color palate of this incredible gemstone, you will be pleased to see this outstanding collection of discounted natural Spinel gemstones.

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