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Let’s start off with some fun and interesting facts about Peridot gemstones. In 2005, dust from the Stardust robotic space probe revealed Peridot in the comet dust! Some extraterrestrial peridot gemstones are large enough to cut and facet as gemstones! In addition to being found in outer space, Peridot is very old, some dating back to pallasite meteorites from the birth of our solar system. Called by ancient Egyptians “the gem of the sun”, large deposits were mined from the Red Sea Island of Zabargad. Since the ancient Egyptians associated Peridot gemstones with light they assumed that Peridot gemstones set in gold provided protection from night terrors. In Arabic, the word gemstone is “faridat,” and the name Peridot is connected etymologically to that Arabic word. Many people know that Cleopatra was famous for her collection of Emerald gemstones, but not many people know that many of those supposed Emeralds were Peridots, according to some historians. In fact, even in medieval times Peridot gemstones were confused with Emeralds. Yet Peridot gems, the gorgeous August birthstone and 15th anniversary wedding gift, is beautiful in its own right with its signature chartreuse yellow green color.

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