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When most people think of garnet gemstones, red garnets come to mind. But actually, Garnet gemstones are available in a wide variety of colors. Tsavorite garnets, with a bright grassy green color, are named for their mining location in Kenya near Tsavo national park. Tsavorite garnet gems tend to be rarer than red garnets as they are produced only in metamorphic rock under very specific and unusually rock chemistry circumstances. The bright saturated orange garnet is referred to as Spessartite, or Spessartine, and its unique color adds a fun and bold look to jewelry design. Garnet gemstones have a rich history. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, garnet gemstones were found in necklaces worn by mummified pharaohs. In Ancient Rome, important people would wear signet rings with carved garnet gemstones to stamp wax seals on documents. In The times of the Middle Ages, garnet gemstones were very popular among the nobility and clergy members. Still as beautiful as ever, Garnet gemstones have not lost their allure.

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How To Take Care of Garnet Gemstones?
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