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Amazing Vintage Style Diamond Rings for SALE - Filigree Design Vintage Diamond Rings Stunning Vintage & Filigree Style Rings With Diamonds for SALE Shop Classy & Trendy Vintage Diamond Rings With Filigree Details
It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to refer to the vintage trend that is so prevalent in fashion and accessories today, but in truth jewelry with an old world flair has made a comeback and is as trendy now as it was when the styles were new! Therefore, in the spirit of the vintage trend, we have compiled a collection of some beautiful diamond accented rings with a vintage feel and old-time look. In our selection of vintage diamond rings, You can choose from 14k White Gold or Sterling Silver Metals in a range of stunning looks at discount prices!

What is Filigree? Shop Stunning Filigree Diamond Rings Best Filigree Rings With Diamonds for Her
Many of our gorgeous vintage style rings have filigree detailing. Filigree refers to very delicate and skilled metalwork with tiny beads and twists arranged artistically. Historically in jewelry design around the world, the filigree style was seen in many ancient cultures including Egyptian, Phoenician, Crimean, Greek, and Etruscan. The ancient influence of filigree from these early cultures is manifest by the use of filigree in Medieval European jewelry designs. In fact, while today it takes an especially skilled jewelry to create filigree designs, historically every jeweler was well versed in filigree. Shop today for a stunning filigree ring with diamond accents

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What is Filigree? - Learn About the History & Methods of Filigree in Jewelry Design from Wikipedia