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AfricaGems Diamond Repairs - Diamond Recutting - Diamond Repolishing Service

diamond cutting before and after

Damaged or Chipped Diamond? The Diamond Cutters at AfricaGems Can Help
We can make that chipped, scratched, burned or old mine cut diamond look like the day it was purchased - brand new! has now partnered with one of the top diamond cutting houses in the United States, with over 45 years of diamond cutting experience to turn that ugly damaged diamond into a diamond that you will be proud to wear again.

Improve The Brilliance of Your Diamond
AfricaGems Diamond Cutters can also greatly improve the brilliance and luster of your diamond. If you have a diamond with a "bow tie effect", we can recut your diamond with minimal weight loss to eliminate this effect.

Diamond Cutting Services AfricaGems offers full recuts, reshaping and full repair services. We can also cut your rough diamonds to provide you with the best quality yield.



Round Repairs Round Diamonds (.20 carat min.)
.20 - .99 ct … $240.00 per stone .20 - .49 ct… $250.00 per stone
1.00 ct and up … $295.00 per carat .50 - .99 ct … $295.00 per stone
    1.00 ct and up … $285.00 per carat
Fancy Repairs Ideal Cut/Excellent Cut Rounds (.20 carat min.)
.40 - .99 ct … $240.00 per stone .20 - .99 ct … $370.00 per stone
1.00 ct and up … $295.00 per carat 1.00 ct and up … $350.00 per carat
Facet Girdle (Rounds or Fancy Shapes) Fancy Shapes (.40 carat min.)
.20 - .99 ct … $95.00 per stone .40 - .99 ct … $350.00 per stone
1.00 - 1.99 ct … $135.00 per stone 1.00 ct and up … $350.00 per stone
2.00 ct and up … $185.00 per stone Reshaping (Fancy Shapes)
    .40 - .99 ct… $150.00 per stone
    1.00 ct and up … $260.00 per carat
Custom Cutting Is Available-Please Inquire


All sizes and shapes starting 1.00 ct. (minimum). Prices are based on the weight of the original rough.


  • $200.00 per carat
Round Ideal
  • $300.00 per carat

Fancy Shapes
  • $275.00 per carat


  • All stones must be sent loose.
  • All prices based upon the original starting weight of the diamond.

  • Rush service available upon request for an additional $75.00 fee.
  • Diamonds over 5.00 carats will be priced individually.
  • Estimates for cost and weight loss will be discussed and approved by the customer before work is performed-no exceptions.
  •, its employees are NOT liable for damage that may occur during the cutting process.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.