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Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendants for SALE - Round & Square Genuine Diamond Solitaire Pendants in Gold Famous Diamond Solitaire Pendants– Classic & Beautiful Diamond Fashion Pendants at Discount Prices
No discussion of diamond jewelry would be complete without discussing the iconic jewelry lover who dazzled the world with her famous diamond jewelry. Of course, I am referring to Elizabeth Taylor. Perhaps the most famous diamond in her collection was the large 69.42 ct, Pear Shape Diamond which is known as the “Taylor-Burton” diamond as it was given to her by her husband Richard Burton. Originally, the stunning diamond was set in a ring, however Taylor said, “Even for me it was too big, so we had Cartier design a necklace”. In 1970, Elizabeth Taylor wore the diamond necklace to the Academy Awards. The interesting end to the story is that after Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor divorced, the diamond was sold in 1978, fetching $5 million, and that money was used to build a hospital in Botswana.

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In addition to the chic, classic beauty of a single sparkling diamond set in an artistic pendant mounting, there is also symbolism to a solitaire diamond pendant. It can be a romantic gift to symbolize unity and two halves becoming one. A solitaire diamond can say “all I need is you” or “you are the only one for me.” Of course, as with all gift, the meaning can be unique to each situation, but no doubt any woman would be happy to receive a diamond solitaire pendant!

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