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Meaningful & Popular Diamond Journey Pendant - Unique & Classic Journey Diamond Pendants in Gold What Is the Deeper Meaning Behind a Journey Pendant? – Learn About Beautiful Diamond Journey Pendants
The basic style of a journey pendant is a path of diamonds that get increasingly bigger, whether it’s a straight line, curve, or spiral, it’s considered a journey necklace if the diamonds grow progressively larger in size. A journey pendant is packed with meaning. It symbolizes the celebration of life’s journey and the growth that comes with it, as signified by the growing diamonds. Journey pendants are a great gift for marking the beginning of a journey, perhaps to celebrate a new job or even to welcome a new baby (can you say pushing present!). So too, a journey pendant can be a special gift to mark the end of an era like graduation or retirement, implying that the person has reached the end of a certain journey and can feel pride for conquering the challenges and bumps along the way. And of course, a diamond journey pendant is a great gift in the context of marriage, representing two people sharing the ultimate journey together. When it comes down to it, each journey pendant will contain special personal meaning based on the relationship of the giver and recipient and their stage in life. And regardless of the symbolism that anyone chooses to apply to this pendant, the fact remains that these pendants are a stunning display of diamonds in 14k Gold—we have journey pendant in White, Yellow and 2-Tone Gold. Find the perfect diamond journey pendant today!

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